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Loan amortization tables can be valuable tools for explaining how a loan's repayment will happen. Loan repayment isn't as simple as it sounds. Even if that loan happens to involve a "simple interest" arrangement, the dollars and cents add up to a whole lot more than you realize. This is where loan amortization tables can help explain what happens with repayment, why it happens and what loans might be the best to consider. You can also use them to show how extra payments can help you save money in the long run.

You can find loan amortization tables through various means. Or you can create them using loan amortization software. The most common places for people to find loan amortization tables are:

  • From lenders themselves. Most lenders provide amortization tables or charts to borrowers to show them how repayments will happen. You will find these included in the final paperwork, but you can them before you wrap up your loan. This will be the most accurate of a loan amortization chart you can get, since the lender will include any extras that might not considered with other programs that you can use to create loan amortization tables at home.
  • Online. It is possible for you to create your own loan amortization tables at home using programs available on the Internet. These programs might not show every possible inclusion in a loan, unless final figures are available, but they can still be good tools to use. The online versions of programs that create a loan amortization spreadsheet are good for you to use to compare with what the banks or lenders provide.

    The banks will not show you what an extra $100 or $200 a month can do to total repayment over the life of the loan or by how much this action can reduce the term. Comparing the two can be enlightening. What the banks offer is the set agreement and that's what their loan amortization tables show. What you can do above and beyond the set agreement; however, can make a big difference over the course of a loan. Seeing it by using online tools can serve as great motivation to pay extra amounts.

  • Computer programs. There are some software packages you can buy that will run the figures to create these tables at home. These can be wonderful, especially if you can use them to draw out loan tables and charts.
Loan amortization tables are nothing more than printouts that show how a loan will mature over the life of the loan. These are standard tables your lender provides to help you with the details of your loan. You can, however see how much of a difference extra payments can change the details contained in these tables. Take the time to review these amortization tables for huge savings on your loans.

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