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3 Benefits Of Using An Amortization Chart

Anyone who borrows money with interest attached can get a good idea of what the total dollars and cents will be by making an amortization chart. This chart is nothing more than a breakdown of a loan over the time. The benefits of making one for any debt situation are many.

The details included in an amortization chart are what make it so valuable for seeing where you person stands when you take out a loan. An amortization table breaks down the payments' effects on the principal when interest comes into play. The result is a chart that shows how much of each set payment goes on principal and how that principal is reduced (or isn't). It also shows how much of a payment goes into the interest payments on the loan itself. You can draw up a chart rather easily for any simple interest loan. There are calculators that can help anyone create a chart to show where principal amounts stand one year into a loan or 30 years in.

The benefits of creating and using an amortization chart for any debt include:

  • The real picture. A $5,000 loan might not seem like a big deal, but when make an amortization chart showing regular payment amounts, it can show exactly why this loan might take five years or so to pay off. It's a good idea for anyone looking at a loan, big or small, to consider making an amortization chart or asking to have one made so they can see exactly where they will stand.
  • Better planning. Almost everyone needs to borrow money at some point in their lives. Whether it's for a car or a loan as big as a mortgage, one of these charts can help with financial planning. When the real picture is clear, a loan amortization chart can show how valuable extra payments might be in the long run.
  • Smart servicing of the debt. People who get into mortgages and then turn around and refinance them over and over again, might end up paying out thousands and thousands of extra dollars in interest charges and fees. When you draw up an amortization chart for the initial loan compare it with the new one, you can add the interest you paid out with what you will pay out. This can readily show in black and white that refinancing isn't always the best route to go. Money saved today in monthly payments might pale in comparison with the big picture.
An amortization chart is a great way for anyone to see what their payments will be going on. While the figures can be a little depressing, especially in the first few years, they can help show the value of good planning.

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